Nov 12, 2023
Basic Sanyo DVD player models with decent image quality and various features

Sanyo FWDP105C DVD-VCR Combo

The Sanyo FWDP105F DVD player is relatively basic in comparison to other brands, but it provides decent image quality and features. For example, the DVD player supports rewritable DVDs and has an automatic playback resume feature that remembers where you left off in a movie. It also has a remote control.


This digital Sanyo DVD player features component video ports and can be connected to most TVs. It can also play rewriteable DVDs and CDs. The unit supports slow motion and search functions, and has a Dolby digital stream out. Its automatic playback resume feature marks the place where you left off during a movie and begins playing again automatically when you turn the unit on again.

The unit is fairly basic compared to some other models, but it has a decent image quality and offers an excellent value for the price. It includes a remote control, batteries and an A/V RCA cable.

If you’re looking for a cheap DVD player for your college kid’s room or the basement, this one may be worth considering.


The FWDP105B is a basic DVD player that does not offer any upscaling or progressive scan features, but it does support region free DVDs and has the ability to play rewriteable discs. It also has a remote control that allows you to start or stop playback, navigate a DVD menu and adjust settings without having to get out of your chair. The unit ships with a one-year warranty and has a variety of online informational resources, including a user manual. The manufacturer offers phone and email support as well. The unit is sold by desertcart, which is an authorized Sanyo dealer.


The FWDP105C model is a basic DVD player, but one that offers a great value at its price point. It plays a wide range of formats, including rewriteable DVDs. It has a convenient automatic playback resume feature that remembers where you left off in the middle of a movie, making it easy to start up again at the same place later on. The FWDP105C also supports progressive scan, which enhances the image quality of videos on your TV. It ships with a remote control and comes with a one-year parts and labor warranty. Sanyo also hosts a variety of informational resources on its website, including an online user manual.


The FWDP105D model is fairly basic compared to other Sanyo DVD players, but it still delivers a solid image and offers some key features for an affordable price. For starters, the player supports playback of rewriteable DVDs and CDs. It also features a built-in automatic playback resume feature, which remembers the last point in a movie or video and resumes from that point when you restart playback. It does not, however, have the ability to upsample videos or provide progressive scan. The player ships with a remote control, A/V RCA cables and a printed copy of the instruction manual. It is backed by one-year parts and 90 days labor warranty.


The FWDP105E model is the cheapest Sanyo DVD player available and it doesn’t offer much beyond standard playback capabilities. It can’t upscale a video image and it lacks progressive scan. However, it still represents a good value and is an excellent choice for a college student’s room or as a backup for a more expensive unit.

Its built-in automatic playback resume feature marks the point where you left off in a movie and then picks up again from the same point whenever you restart the player. It also comes with a remote control that allows you to navigate a DVD’s menu and adjust settings without ever having to leave your chair. Sanyo offers a one-year parts and labor warranty with this model, which is fairly typical for this type of product.

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