Feb 16, 2024
The Indomitable Power of the Saiyans

How Strong Are Saiyans?

Saiyans have an incredibly strong physiology. They are highly resistant to any form of harm, and even planet-destroying explosions can barely hurt them.

The Saiyans naturally possess vast superhuman strength, able to lift ten times their own weight. They also have a very powerful sense of smell and hearing, allowing them to track things such as the sound of a jet-bike approaching.

Saiyans are a warrior race

Saiyans are a warrior race with tremendous levels of durability and a will that refuses to be broken. They can withstand powerful energy beams directed at them or even explosions without much harm, and can take blunt forces equivalent to that of a boulder crushing their heads with no apparent discomfort.

Their immense speed and reflexes allow them to perform highly skilled hand-to-hand combat maneuvers in a fraction of a second that would be impossible for an average human to match. Especially when boosted by transformations and power-ups, their movements can be as fast as the light.

While the Saiyans come in many different heights and weights, they all have two constant features: a tail and naturally black hair that does not grow after a certain age. Their ape-like appearance has led to them being called “monkey brutes” by some characters, including Frieza and Cooler. They also tend to fight in a sport-like manner, seeking worthy opponents and often not using their full powers until they feel they have a strong enough opponent.

Saiyans are a human-like race

Saiyans are a warrior race that values strength above all else. They have a high tolerance for physical pain and can heal more quickly than human beings. They also have a remarkable immune system and are highly resistant to disease. This explains why they don’t get sick as often as humans, and why they can even survive near-death experiences without any negative effects.

They have a natural affinity for strong-willed individuals and tend to pick Earthling wives who are just as aggressive as they are. Despite this, they are not averse to collaborating with weaker civilizations in order to achieve their goal of being the strongest in the universe. This was demonstrated when the Arcosians and later Frieza’s army razed planets in exchange for their technology, wealth, and free reign to indulge their lust for battle.

Saiyans have the ability to transform into a golden-colored Great Ape form when they feel their rage reaching a peak. This transformation causes them to grow incredibly large and increase their power tenfold, as well as drastically changing their appearance.

Saiyans are a hybrid race

Saiyans have very high levels of physical durability. They can withstand extreme head trauma, explosives, and even bullets. They also heal extremely quickly, allowing them to survive prolonged training and fighting sessions without losing their strength. In addition, Saiyans can grow stronger after every fight they have, and the more intense their training is, the greater their growth rate.

Saiyan warriors are also very fast, with the ability to break the sound barrier. They are able to change forms and move at superhuman speeds, and can even fend off multiple assassins at the same time. They are also able to use ki to fly, granting them a level of flight that is unparalleled by other races.

All Saiyans have a long, prehensile monkey-like tail that they often wrap around their hip for added convenience. This helps them in battle as it gives them an extra hand to fight with. Despite their natural combat prowess, Saiyans do not practice a lot to improve their powers, and only a few receive short periods of specialized training.

Saiyans are a god race

Saiyans are a warrior race that values strength and battle prowess above all else. They are usually able to learn new fighting forms and transformations much faster than Earthlings. Their intelligence is also high, despite their violent tendencies.

Hybrid Saiyans may inherit some degenerative aspects from their non-Saiyan heritage that can limit their potential, as seen with Gohan’s fumble over the Senzu Bean thrown by Piccolo in the episode Cell Max. However, the Super Saiyan transformation allows them to overcome this limitation.

Saiyans have a powerful sense of touch and hearing, which helps them detect vibrations and shifts in the environment around them. They can also feel ki, and they are particularly sensitive to it when angry or in combat. This enables them to intuitively sense danger and react quickly.

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