Oct 13, 2023
Reliable, High-energy, and Long-lasting Sanyo 18650 Batteries

Sanyo 18650 Batteries

This is a genuine, original rechargeable 18650 li-ION Sanyo NCR18650GA battery. Sanyo is now owned by Panasonic.

Sanyo batteries offer reliable power for a variety of applications and devices. These high-quality batteries feature a button top design and can handle moderate power demands efficiently. They are an excellent choice for flashlights, laptops and electric bicycles/scooters.

High Energy Density

Sanyo 18650 batteries are high-quality rechargeable lithium-ion battery cells that are rated for medium to high drain. They are a popular choice for power banks, flashlights and other electronics that require reliable power. This type of battery is also known for its high energy density, which means that it can hold a lot of energy in a small package.

This cell features a flat top and is capable of discharging at up to 10A. This is one of the highest-rated capacities in the flat top category and offers a great balance between capacity, performance, and safety.

Batemo is a high-precision, physical battery model that provides accurate simulation and measurement data. Its validation is extensive and covers the whole operational range from low to high temperatures, up to the maximum current and state of charge. It is an excellent solution for research, development, and battery analytics based on simulations. The models are supplied with raw measurement and battery simulation data for easy evaluation.

Low Self Discharge

Sanyo 18650 batteries have low self discharge, which means that they can be stored for months and still work when you need them. This is an important feature if you want to use the battery for long-term backup power or for devices that require occasional use such as digital cameras or flashlights.

The NCR18650GA is an excellent choice for high-drain applications like Power Tools and E-bikes, but it also has great mid-range drain capabilities. It is a cylindrical cell that is perfect for Battery Pack Manufacturing and can be used in a variety of high-performance flashlights.

The NCR18650GA has low self-discharge, which means that it can be stored for weeks or even months without losing its charge. This is a convenient feature if you need to store the battery for an extended period of time, such as when traveling or preparing for a storm. In addition, the cylinder design saves space and weight by eliminating the need for compression plates or swell compensation.

Long Lifespan

Sanyo 18650 batteries are known for their long lifespan, making them a good choice for applications with frequent use or backup power. They can also be stored for long periods of time without losing their charge, thanks to the low self-discharge rate. This makes them a great option for electronic devices that require frequent charging or discharging.

The Batemo Cell is a physical battery model with global validity that seamlessly integrates into your research, development and battery analytics by basing your decisions on simulations. It offers a complete and detailed cell report of this lithium-ion battery cell.

This is a protected button top version of the Panasonic/Sanyo NCR18650GA cell which features a high quality PCB with a Japanese Ricoh protection IC with three FNK MOSFETs for 20A high current cutoff. This makes it a very popular choice for those looking for a reliable and safe 3500mAh cell for their high drain flashlights. It also has very good discharge capabilities and is suitable for use in power tools and e-bike batteries.

Wide Range of Applications

Sanyo 18650 batteries are used in a variety of devices for power. They are especially popular in electric vehicles, such as electric bicycles and scooters, because of their high energy density and long storage life. These batteries can also be used for flashlights and vape pens.

Because of their high capacity, these lithium-ion cells can be used to build battery modules or battery packs. They can be connected in parallel and series to form large Battery Packs with high voltage output. They can be charged using chargers specifically designed for Lithium Ion batteries.

Use caution when working with lithium ion batteries, as they can leak, generate heat, smoke, or explode if mishandled. Always charge in or on a fire-proof surface, and never leave batteries charging unattended. For additional safety, make sure the battery is protected with a built-in internal circuit. If you are unsure about the safety of an unprotected cell, consider purchasing one that has been reconditioned with a protective circuit or a Battery Module.

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