Oct 25, 2023
The Benefits of Choosing Sanyo Air Conditioners

Why Buy a Sanyo Air Conditioner?

Sanyo AC’s ductless systems provide heating and cooling for multiple rooms without the cost and hassle of ductwork. They also feature a recessed unit that blends right in with the ceiling.

Energy-efficient models feature a PM 2.5 filter and auto restart. They also have a night setback mode to save power. The remote has a glow-in-the-dark temperature control and power on/off buttons.


Sanyo air conditioners come with a Duo Cool Inverter Technology, which ensures supreme comfort without the worry of high energy bills. This feature is a key reason why many people opt to buy sanyo AC. It comprises two separate rotors in the compressor which promote energy-efficient and fast cooling, while changing power according to heat load.

Moreover, these systems save energy by operating at full capacity only when it is required. This reduces operating costs and also helps maintain a healthy environment.

In addition, ductless split systems do not require large window openings or ceiling recessed vents, which means they can be installed quickly and without costly alterations to existing structures. Moreover, they can be positioned anywhere in the room and are quieter than traditional systems.

Easy to use

Sanyo ACs offer simple, easy-to-use systems. They use an engineer,Aos HVAC interface to connect directly to a 2-wire HVAC bus without the need for a separate interface and save energy by operating at lower power levels when demand is low.

ECO-i technology also helps keep your electricity bills in check. It changes the speed of the compressor rotor according to the load, providing excellent efficiency even during partial-load conditions.

Another great feature is Sanyo’s PM 2.5 filtering system, which protects against bad bacteria and suspended molecules. All Sanyo split ac models also have a sleek, elegant appearance and a stylish backlit remote. They hide the temperature screen for a clean, attractive look and are easy to handle. Their hydrophilic fins offer superior defense against salt & rust damage as well.

Sleek & elegant

Sanyo AC models have a sleek design and are easy to use. They also have high energy efficiency and can cool the room quickly. They are environmentally friendly and have a low ozone depletion potential.

If your sanyo aircon is not working properly, you can contact a HVAC technician to diagnose and repair the problem. These professionals will be able to fix any problems with the temperature sensor, thermistor, and compressor. They can even replace the fan motor if necessary.

Using the latest technology, these units use R-410A refrigerant and DC Inverter technology for better efficiency and less energy consumption. They also have a PM 2.5 filtering system to keep your home clean and healthy. They also come with a sleek and elegant remote that has a backlit design.

Glacier mode

The glacier mode allows you to experience 35% higher fan speed for instant cooling and it also helps to reduce energy consumption. This mode can be accessed by using the remote control. The air conditioner will also save energy by automatically adjusting its operation according to the temperature of your room.

Sanyo ACs are equipped with efficient PM 2.5 filters to ensure that you breathe clean, healthy air. These filters help to eliminate pollen, dust, fungus, and bacteria from the air. They also reduce odors and improve air quality, making your home healthier for you and your family.

These features make Sanyo a good choice for any budget. In addition, the brand’s air conditioning units feature a sleek and elegant design. They have a hidden temperature indicate display and come with a backlit remote for easy access.

PM 2.5 filtering system

A PM2.5 filter is a mesh layer of non-woven fibers that traps microscopic airborne particles. It uses electrostatic attraction to capture smog particles, similar to medical-grade N95 masks.

The PM2.5 filter is a simple, cost-effective way to improve your personal exposure to small particulate pollution. The filter inserts into the inner pocket of your cloth mask, and provides superior filtration performance.

PM2.5 refers to tiny airborne particles smaller than 2.5 micrometers (0.0025 mm), or about 3% the size of a human hair. This type of particulate pollution poses a health threat by entering the respiratory tract and reaching the blood stream, where it can cause heart disease and lung diseases. Indoor PM2.5 measurements were collected using a Harvard Healthy Buildings Sensor (Harvard School of Public Health), Tsinghua IBEM Sensor, and two custom sensor packages equipped with Plantower PMS3003 devices (Beijing Plantower Co., Ltd, Beijing).

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