Oct 30, 2023
The Quick Guide to Using the Sanyo Incubator for Safe and Efficient Culturing

The Sanyo Incubator Manual

Your unit was cleaned at the factory, but it is not sterile. You must sterilize it before using it for cultures.

Plug the unit into a circuit that is separate from other loads. The unit cannot operate correctly when other loads are plugged in. It is important that the unit sit level from side to side and front to back.


The Sanyo incubator manual contains important safety advice that can prevent lab workers from sustaining injury or death. It also includes information on how to properly use the incubator and troubleshoot issues when they arise. It is recommended that users read the manual before operating the equipment.

This cooled incubator delivers precise temperature control across a broad range of applications and features a convenient digital interface for simple programming and monitoring even when wearing gloves. The programmable display allows you to view results in real time and select programs that repeat up to 99 times, while the upper limit alarm and CO2 density alarms offer advanced alerts for optimal safety.

The rounded corner design of this incubator makes it easy to clean and ensures that no samples are disrupted during operations. The glass observation window lets you easily monitor your cultures without disturbing conditions inside the chamber. This incubator also offers a USB port for simple storage and transfer of logged data.

Safety Instructions

This unit is not designed for use with flammable materials. Whenever you change settings or remove trays, you should make sure the incubator is completely cool before you do so. Doing so could damage the interior of the unit.

Always plug the unit into an electrical outlet that complies with national and local electrical codes. Do not plug it into an outlet that has a voltage rating greater than the indicated value on the power rating overlay at the back of the unit.

When you set the temperature or other parameters, the display blinks until the system accepts the new setting. To reset the display, press and hold the Up or Down arrow key for 5 seconds. This incubator features a high contrast color LCD panel for easy touchscreen programming even with gloved hands. Its patented Direct Heat and Air Jacket system, SafeCell UV, and single beam IR2 sensor help ensure highly reproducible chamber conditions and contamination control.


If you are using an incubator for your research, you need to know how it works. Familiarize yourself with the operating procedures and safety instructions before beginning any experiments. You will also need to make sure that you are following any city, county, or other ordinances regarding the use of the unit. You should not modify any system components or attempt to use it with non-approved accessories. If you do, you could be risking your health and may void the manufacturer’s warranty.

The first step is to set the temperature controls for your experiment. Press and release the arrow keys to scroll up or down until you reach the desired temperature. The display will blink and the unit will accept the new setting once it has stabilized. To verify that the set temperature is correct, insert a certified reference thermometer into the access porthole and compare the readings to the display. If necessary, repeat the process to ensure that you have a correct setting.


Using the sanyo incubator manual allows users to follow the correct procedures when working with cell cultures and other types of specimens. It includes step-by-step instructions for adjusting the temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels of the incubator, as well as warning systems that alert users to abnormal conditions. It also contains instructions for cleaning and decontaminating the incubator.


The MCO-19AIC(UV)/19AIC features a high capacity and horizontal airflow design for optimal uniformity. Its microprocessor control and digital display monitor the chamber’s temperature and CO2 levels, as well as provide alarms to alert you of abnormal conditions. This large incubator is ideal for a variety of applications, including culturing animal cells and microorganisms. It is insulated with NON-CFC foam and glass wool and provides an easy-to-clean interior. It also offers multiple power sources and a variety of options for monitoring your culture. This model is backed by an excellent warranty and technical support.

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