Oct 24, 2023
Versatile and Stylish Rainwear for Any Occasion

Sanyo Overcoat – Rainwear/Anywhere

The line between outerwear and fashion has blurred, and Sanyo’s coats, with their tagline “rainwear/anywhere,” prove the point. One of the brand’s new print ads features a young couple embracing underwater, a reference to the floods in Thailand.

Carol Cohen’s line of coats for Sanyo, for example, is dramatic, with a silky olive-green wool gabardine or a burgundy taffeta. The pockets are oversized so that putting on and taking off the coat becomes a theatrical gesture.


Sanyo coats are made with high-quality fabrics and linings that keep the wearer warm and dry. The fabric is treated with a waterproof coating that prevents rain and snow from seeping through. The coats are also fitted with hoods, so the wearer can protect themselves from the elements without sacrificing style.

The company’s tagline is “rainwear/anywhere,” and the designers’ outerwear designs reflect this philosophy. The line features lightweight, practical coats that are easy to carry and stylish enough to be worn in any situation. The company also offers a wide variety of jackets for different weather conditions.

Carol Cohen, the designer for Sanyo’s women’s line, believes that the line between rainwear and fashion has disappeared. Her first collection for the label, which is sold in Nordstrom, Barney’s, Saks Fifth Avenue and Macy’s, is a testament to this belief. Her trench coats, in brushed cotton gabardine and silky olive green wool gabardine, are dramatic enough for a latter-day Mata Hari.


Whether you’re running a 10K in the rain or commuting to work, our outerwear supports your life. We’re committed to improving fabric quality and coat construction so you can keep moving in the elements. Our products are designed to last, and we conduct our business with integrity.

Sanyo believes that the line between rainwear and outerwear has all but disappeared, which is why we’ve created a collection of men’s coats with liners that are warm, water-resistant and durable. Our jackets are tailored to fit the body and feature a storm flap on the front to keep wind at bay. They also have interior pockets to keep your valuables safe.

In addition to the outerwear, sanyo has a line of men’s shirts and shorts that are waterproof. These are available in a variety of colors, including dark green and navy blue. In addition, some of the sanyo jackets come with a removable lining that keeps you warm in cold temperatures.


The line between rainwear and outerwear has disappeared, according to the company’s tagline -“Rainwear/Anywhere.” Sanyo’s look is practical and durable. Its coats are designed to be worn anywhere, from a rainy day at the park to an evening outing in downtown Manhattan. They are comfortable enough to wear for hours.

The company’s philosophy is “customer first.” Its customers are its main focus. It focuses on providing its customers with quality products at the best possible prices. It also places a high value on integrity, conducting business with honesty as its core value. This makes the experience of owning a Sanyo coat an unsurpassed one.

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